Wireless vs Wired Charging: The Future of Charging

wireless vs wired charging

The journey of mobile phone chargers has been fascinating. It started from the bulky round-shaped charger and is now reached in the latest wireless (QI) charging mode. 

Here we have wireless vs wired charging comparison and see which is better. Even though the wireless charging technology is a recent one, it is getting great reception day by day. 

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Now almost every flagship models use this technology. Here we will see the reason for this popularity.

We believe within the next 2-3 years, all the wired chargers such as Micro-USB, C-Type, and lightning connectors will disappear from the market, and wireless mode will become common with all electronic gadgets.

Wireless Charging Feature: The Future of Electronic Gadgets Charging

wireless charging

Even though the wireless feature was first used predominantly in smartphones, now you can see them everywhere, such as smartwatches, TWS earbuds, etc.

One of the main disadvantages was the long charging time, but wireless charging is now even faster than the wired type with the advancement of technology. If we believe the inside talks, almost every brand is now planning to implement this feature in their upcoming midrange devices also.

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The main benefit of wireless charging is that it is very convenient because it is free from cables. You need not search for the port; just place your smartphone on the charging pad and done.

If you can tolerate the comparatively longer charging time of wireless mode, it will definitely be an excellent choice for you.

Even though we use the term “wireless” to address the technology, it is not actually wireless. Obviously, you need a cable to power the pad, but you don’t need one to connect it to the smartphone.

When you search for wireless chargers, you may often see the term “Qi Certified” it actually represents the Chinese word “Chee” (Qi=Chee) means “flow of energy.” They work based on the principle of electromagnetic induction.

If you own a Qi-certified pad, you can charge all the devices that support this feature, including Android devices, Apple devices, etc.

When a smartphone uses wireless technology, it can eliminate the port for charging and thus help to design waterproof and dustproof devices.

Find the pros and cons of wireless charging below,

  • Free from cables and convenient
  • No wear and tear issues
  • No need to search for the port; just keep on the pad
  • Helps to manufacture splashproof and dustproof smartphones
  • It can charge multiple devices
  • They are costly compared to the other
  • Fast charging option is not available now (can expect in the near future)

Wired Charging – Conventional Method

wired charging

The traditional wired charging facility is now available in micro USB and C Type. The main advantage of wired over wireless charging is you will get a quick charging option even with budget smartphones.

Normally they take less than 30 minutes to completely charge from 1%.

But on the other hand, wear and tear issues associated with them is high and frequent inserting and removing of jack can damage the phone’s port.

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Once the charging port gets damaged, the replacement is costly and complicated. The charging cable may also damage quickly since we use them repeatedly.

A genuine replacement for a charger that is received along with the smartphone at the purchase is very rare.

Since I am a mobile technician too, I can tell you one more thing, about 20% of hardware space is used for charging socket and associated parts. 

Wireless vs Wired Charging: Which I should Go for?

When we compare quite naturally, a question will arise, which is better? But I think in this scenario, the real fact is which is apt for our lifestyle?

If you have a habit of charging your phone frequently, then wireless is better because the device will be safe. Sometimes you may be a busy person, and quick charging is a must, then go for a wired one.

Quick Look

We have provided everything about wireless vs wired charging. Now it is your turn to make the selection based on your requirement.

Even though the wireless method has a great future it still needs a lot of improvement and updates too.

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