WatchitTech Rebranded as MountReviews

WatchitTech Rebranded as MountReviews

Hello Reader,

When I first started, my goal was to make an honest buck off recommending Earphones and Headphones. It worked out pretty well too. Since then, the site steadily increased the number of reviews, frequency of posts, and average rating scores. Here I am 1 year later; we decided to rebrand WatchITech to, where we will be reviewing all types of Gadgets and Electronic Equipements.

We decided that this was a better direction for us at watch tech because it more accurately reflects the product that we review and opens up some new opportunities to review other types of electronics such as Smartphones, Sound Gears, Smartwatches, and many more.

As always, our goal is to help our readers quickly figure out what they should buy. In this case, we want you to be able to quickly see whether or not a Gadget will fit your needs and wants before you invest in it, so review away!

We request our beloved readers to kindly support us in our endeavor to provide accurate, honest, and unbiased reviews. As always, thank you for reading!
Best Regards,
The MountReviews Team