Is it Safe to use Headphones while Charging Laptop? Never make these Mistakes

“Don’t use earphones while charging; you get electrocuted.” This is what we all hear from our mother at least once a day. 

Is this just a mother’s concern or any science behind this? Really, is it safe to use headphones while charging laptop? Here we will discuss every chance in detail and check the probability of getting an electric shock from an earphone while charging.

Is it Safe to use Headphones while Charging Laptop

A laptop needs only 20 volts for charging and smartphones even less, just 5 volts. It is the function of the charger adapter to step down the voltage to the desired value. 

It is pretty sure that neither 20 V nor 5 V can hurt us.

Sleeping with Headphones while Charging

I have seen many people, even some of my friends, sleeping with headphones while charging. It is highly dangerous because we usually sleep for 6-8 hours. The earphone would also be charging for this entire time.

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Usually, a headphone takes only 2 hours to get fully charged. But during the entire time, it is connected to the plug.

It can damage the battery and may result in an explosion or other damage. It may also cause premature aging of headphones and affect battery backup.

In some extreme cases, severe injuries have also reported. So it is not a good idea to sleep with earphones while charging.

Is it Safe to Use Headphones while Charging Laptop?

  • Using Headphones while charging Laptops
  • Using Headphones while charging Smartphones
  • Simultaneously charging and using a headphone

I think this is a significant point to discuss because many of us have confusion and disbelief. Since we all spend a lot of time with smartphones, laptops, and headphones associated with our works and duties, we should have a clear idea about dos and don’ts with them.

To stay safe you to consider a lot of things while using headphones. To work all the electronic gadgets properly, we must follow the standard charging procedure.

Using Headphones while Charging Laptops

Here the exact condition is your laptop is being charged, and at the same time, your wired earphone is connected to it. 

Technically speaking, it is absolutely safe to wear headphones while charging. All the manufacturers design and build their electronic gadgets with the highest level of safety. 

They very well know that even a slight mistake from their side demands a huge price, and they will perish in the business. If you ever checked the user guide and product descriptions, you can’t find such warnings

It shows the chances are rare.

But still, you may have seen the news that people died from shock while doing this. What might be the reason? Is it safe to use headphones while charging your laptop?

The answer is NO, a big NO because all these gadgets are manmade, and always there are chances of human errors. Unfortunately, such a laptop-earphone electrocution case was reported a decade ago in India.

It may be design flaws, structural flaws, poor user handling, or even short circuit.

Anyway, when we compare the headphone accidents from charging laptops and smartphones, the deaths from laptops are very rare. 

Using Headphones while Charging Smartphones

Here the condition is you are charging phone and using earphones (wired) at the same time.

In this scenario, The possibility of getting a shock from a smartphone is far greater than that from a laptop. Among such cases reported all around the world, more than 95% are from smartphones.

Smartphones and earphones are not the only culprits. Some other causes also draw our attention in these cases.

But when we compare the population using earphones and their time on earphones, the cases are negligible.

Simultaneously charging and using a headphone.

Is it safe to use Bluetooth headphones while charging? This is a rare condition when you are charging your wireless earphone or headphone and simultaneously using it. The risk is higher here because your earphone is directly connected to a power source.

We recommend you to avoid such situations.

Some Suggestions for Your Safety

It is really important to understand how you can safely use headphones. When we analyzed the incidents that happened in the last few years, we reached some inferences.

Is it Safe to use Headphones while Charging Laptop
  • Never charge electronic gadgets such as smartphones and laptops in a moist environment.
  • Always follow the standard and recommend cables and equipment for wiring.
  • Avoid bad wiring
  • Ensure proper earthing of all circuits
  • Always use genuine and good charging adapters
  • Avoid third-party chargers and adapters completely.

If you prefer to use earphones in wet conditions such as gyms, select suitable waterproof headphones by checking the IP rating.

Quick Look

Is it safe to use headphones while charging laptop? Yes, It is absolutely safe to use headphones while charging if you have the perfect wiring, smartphones, laptops, and earphones. But we can’t believe any human-made objects cent percent.

Now it is your turn to make a decision. But we recommend you avoid using earphones while charging your device is charging up.

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