How to Keep Earphones Safe? Some Tips for Hassle-Free Handling

Earphones are one of the most used electronic items in our day-to-day life. Most of us have at least two or more types of earphones.

How to Keep Earphones Safe

We try our level best to purchase the best headphones within our budget. But how many of you are curious about keeping your headsets safe?

Before writing this article, we have contacted a number of premium manufacturers and their authentic service centers. 

From the interview, we understood, every earphone is manufactured to use for 6-7 years. But how long do we usually use a headphone, one year? Maximum 2 years.

Why does this happen? Only because you don’t know how to keep earphones safe. You also have to clean earbuds periodically.

Do you know which are the most delicate parts of a headphone? It is the part connecting the cable to the jack and the cable to the earpiece. You should never handle them such that it creates pressure on these parts.

The main problems affecting headphones are one side not working and diminishing sound. 

You can improve the life of your headphones to an astonishing time by safely keeping and handling them. Here, we provide some tips for it. One of the main reasons for the defect is the tangling of the cables.

Here we have some ways to prevent it. We arrived at the following tips after consulting with service centre executives and headphone manufacturers.

How to Keep Earphones Safe?

  1. Wind the Cable Properly

2. Use a Case

3. Strengthening the Cable

4. Clean Earbuds and Cable

5. Dry Properly

6. Replace Earbuds Regularly

7. Consider Technical Specifications

8. Healthy Charging and Cable Management

9. Invest in the Right Product

10. Lazy Man’s Tip

Now, let’s see how these can be achieved.

1.Wind the Cable Properly

In the case of wired earphones, proper wrapping is really important. It is one of the main factors that decide durability directly. Here we have a number of tips for an efficient winding,

Using Hand

How to Keep Earphones Safe

This is the most simple method. First, keep earphones on your palm such that the earpiece is outside. Then wind the cable around your palm.

Don’t try to wind them so tightly. Now, you can keep them on your table as such. But before placing them on your backpack, keep them in a case.

Using a Cylindrical Piece

How to Keep Earphones Safe

Here, you need a hollow cylindrical substance. First, you insert your earpiece into the center of the open cylinder. Then, wrap the remaining cable around the cylinder.

Make sure the part connecting the cable and earpiece is not stretched.

Using a Binder Clip

How to Keep Earphones Safe

You can also use a medium-sized Binder clip. All you need to do is to place the earpiece through the black portion. 

Then as we did in the previous method, wind the cable around the steel handle portion. Here also, the cable should not be too tight.

Note: Ensure the cable is not trapped between the corner of the upper and lower clip plates.

Using Cards

How to Keep Earphones Safe

You can use bank cards, shopping cards, or any such things in this method. Cut the longer sides of the card in a curved shape and smoothen that portion. 

You have to make two holes at one end on the shorter side and one hole on the other side. 

First, you lock the earbuds in the two holes and wind the cable around the curved portion. Finally, the connecting jack should be locked inside the other hole.

Using a Small Velcro

How to Keep Earphones Safe

Velcro is nothing but a fastening cloth common in sandals and other materials. This can also be used to keep your earphones safe.

First, you need to wind the cable around your palm, as we mentioned earlier. Then, lock it using velcro, and you can simply place it in your rucksack or drawer even without a case.

“8” Folding Technique

How to Keep Earphones Safe

This is another folding technique. First, you hold the thumb and small finger in the upright position. 

Then wind the cable in a zig-zag manner, locking them on both fingers forms an “8”. You can also tie the middle section using a rubber band if it is necessary.

2.Use a Case

How to Keep Earphones Safe

One important thing you have to do, especially while keeping your earphones in a bag or drawer, is to use a case. If you have the original pouch, which is available along with the earphone, the best otherwise, you can use any other pouch.

You can even use a small bottle to keep your earphone safe. Please never try to keep your earphones in your pocket or bag without a pouch.

3.Strengthening the Cable

We have two methods to strengthen your cable, which can withstand strong physical impacts and pull. 

Using Thread

Even though it is a time-consuming process, this makes your earphone cable strong and looks beautiful. Take a normal thread and wind the entire length using it. 

You can use threads of multiple colors to get an eye-catching appearance. Start the winding from the portion connecting cable to the jack to the part connecting cable to the earpiece because this is the danger-prone part.

Note: By this method, you can even convert a tangle-friendly cable to a tangle-free one.

Using a Cap

This is a pro method and needs extreme care. Insert the rubber tube at the portion joining cable to the headphone jack. 

Then slowly heat it using a blower or a lighter. Do not do the heating process continuously; do it intermittently. 

Otherwise, it may completely blow out the earphones.

Danger: We don’t recommend this because our 5 out of 7 tries were a failure.

4.Clean Earbuds and Cable

Always clean your cable and speaker regularly before and after use. Special tools and liquids are available for this.

If you don’t want too much money on it, you can also use clean cotton. If you did not clean it correctly, the wax contents on the earbuds might attract ants and other small insects and damage your earphone.

5.Dry Properly

Earphones are our best partners during heavy workout sessions. But how many of you are conscious about drying your earphones after using them in the gym or rain.

Defects caused by moisture issues are not even covered in your warranty terms. So you should be extremely careful about drying your earphones.

The first thing you have to do is remove the moisture using tissue paper or a clean cotton piece.

Then place it in a glass container with water-absorbent such as silica gel for the next two days. You can reuse the desiccant pack again after drying.

If you don’t have one, you can also use rice as a good desiccant.

Note: Please don’t keep them near a fireplace or inside an oven for quick drying.

6.Replace Earbuds 

How to Keep Earphones Safe

Earbuds are usually made of silicone or rubber, and they are not as durable as earphones. Sometimes, ear wax blocks them and diminishes the sound quality. 

So it is necessary to replace them on a regular basis. Instead of replacing earbuds with cheap materials, always try to purchase premium quality buds from the manufacturer.

Note: Always select earbuds that perfectly fit your ear canal.

7.Consider Technical Specifications

You should be careful about the technical specifications, such as impedance and frequency response, provided with earphones and make sure that they are matching with your audio sources such as smartphones or laptops.

For example, if your normal audio source is a smartphone, you should go for earphones with lower impedance. 

On the other hand, using a lower impedance earphone through an audio amplifier may damage it. 

So you should understand each specification of a headphone and how it is gonna work with your audio source.

8.Healthy Charging and Cable Management

I think all of us know about it. But how many of you stick to the basic principles of charging after a week or two’s use?

While charging your wireless headphone, insert the Micro-USB or C-type jack vertically into the port without inclination. Otherwise, it may damage your headset’s charging port. 

When you disconnect your earphone from the smartphone, always hold and pull from the jack, do not pull off by holding on to the cable. It can affect the fragile internal connection and eventually damage your earphone.

9.Invest in the right product

Always select earphones with the premium build quality. While purchasing any electronic instrument, especially headphones, you should give importance to building quality along with audio quality. 

Choosing earphones with a longer warranty is another tip to save money.

For example, Sennheiser products usually offer 2 years whereas some others provide only 6 months.

10.Lazy Man’s Tip

How to Keep Earphones Safe

This is an exclusive tip for persons like me. Fix a needle or something like that on the wall and hang your earphone on it.

This method is highly useful while you are at home. No need to wrap, or you don’t even need a case.

(Thank me later)

Common Myths

It is common to wrap the earphone around your phone and keep it in your pant or shirt pocket. But it is not a good idea. 

It gets pressurized, especially the speaker, inside your pocket. A strain may experience between the speaker and cable connecting point and may lose the connection.

Quick Review

Here we provided 10 simple and effective hacks to keep your earphones safe for a more extended period. We hope now you know how to keep your earphones safe.

Above all, always keep in mind, you are handling a delicate device and always handle it with care.

If you have any other hacks, let us know in the comment box.

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