How to Improve Headphone Sound Quality? 13 Tricks to Try at Home

The headphone sound quality is one of the most important aspects to take into consideration if you are looking for a headphone. If you are not satisfied, then there are some ways that you can improve it.

how to improve headphone sound quality

In this blog post, we will share some specific strategies on how to do just that! Here we will let you know 100% working tips on how to improve headphone sound quality.

What is Good Sound Quality?

A headphone with maximum loudness does not mean that it has good sound quality. Rather, the headphone should have a balanced volume distribution across different levels of frequencies and not be too loud or soft at any particular frequency range.

The headphone’s signal-to-noise ratio is another important factor that contributes to its overall headphone sound quality. This means that even if there are various types of signals in one song, it should convert all of them into sound in a clean way.

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General Awareness For All Headphone Lovers

Many people who use headphones for long hours feel that they have not experienced high-quality sound after some days. This is a sign of over-usage.

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Headphones produce less sound when they are hot. So, keep your headphones at a cool temperature for delivering high-quality sound.

Another way to improve headphone sound quality is by adjusting the equalizer on your device. This can be done by either going into the settings menu and adjusting the equalizer or using an app.

EQ adjustment can help to make music sound crisper and more detailed. We will discuss about this topic in detail in the later sections.

How to Improve Headphone Sound Quality? Tips for All Headphone Users

Now let us jump into some cool hacks to improve headphone sound quality.

Before moving in depth let us have a quick look at the tips,

  1. Use Headphones that are Relevant to Your Ears
  2. Changing the Ear Tips
  3. Adjust Ear Tips
  4. Exclusive Tip for PC Users
  5. Exclusive Tip for MacBook Users
  6. Try dedicated media source player
  7. Change Earphone Cups
  8. Tips for smartphone users
  9. Portable headphone amplifier
  10. Use genuine audio boosting apps
  11. Clean Headphone pads regularly
  12. Try special Music Players
  13. Clean Your Ears

Now we will take you to the detailed discussion.

1. Use headphones that are relevant to your ears

Make sure you’re wearing your headphones on the correct side! I am sure this is a mistake that many people make while listening. They attach the left earpiece to the right and vice versa, which is more correctly known as “crossing.”

It may seem strange, but if the quality of your headphones is unsatisfactory or not what it should be, you should look into this. If you are using the incorrect side for your ear, there will be an interference in communication between your headphone speakers and ears, which means there will be a bottleneck of sorts.

2. Changing the Ear Tips

If headphone sound quality has not improved, then you should consider changing the ear tips. It is possible that your headphone might bear tips.

If so, then you should definitely get headphone tips that are specifically designed for your headphone. You may even go to any headphone store or an online headphone store and ask them if they can provide you with some replacement tips for your headphones.

One of the most important things about changing headphone ear tips is whether it fits in your ears properly or not. If you are satisfied with the headphone ear tips, then you should not be using them for a long time as they can cause your ears to sweat.

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3. Adjust Ear Tips 

This is another important feature you have to consider, especially if you are wearing an in-ear type earphone. To get a premium music experience, the earbuds should perfectly seal the ear canal. How is that possible?

This can be achieved by choosing the earbuds that seal your ear canal. This helps you in two ways one to get a great music experience, and then it also offers noise isolation.

Another tip you can use to improve headphone sound quality is by purchasing high-quality ear tips or cups for your headphones. This will ensure that the tips fit correctly with your ear canal; this also allows for higher sound quality.

They can do great in reproducing sound, some materials muffle the audio while others enrich it.

4. Exclusive Tip for PC users

If you are using your headphone with a personal computer, you can improve the sound quality by adjusting the bass level at “Hardware and Sound.” This tip actually helps you to boost the bass level of your music.

We will give its step by step guide,

tips to boost headphone ausio

Step 1: Go to the “Control Panel.” You can easily find it by searching in the search bar.

Step-2: Then locate “Hardware and Sound” and click on it.

Step-3: Now click on the “sound” option, and then you can see all the available speakers and earphones under the playback option.

increase headphone sound quality in pc

Step-4: In the next step, you have to identify your headphone and right-click. From the pop-up list, select the option “properties”.

Step-5: Now, click on the “enhancement” tab and click on it. There you can find an option bass boost, then check the box.

Step-6: In the last step, click “Apply” and “OK.” DONE! Now you can enjoy all your music with boosted bass.

Note: This setting increase all the bass levels, which includes lower bass levels too.

5. Exclusive tip for MacBook users

An Apple laptop user also can increase the bass by following some easy steps.

Step-1: First, find iTunes and then click on the windows.

Step-2: Then, find the “equalizer” and click on it. (You can also follow short cut <COMMAND 2)

Then you can find the bass adjuster. You can adjust the knob to get the desired bass output. The first number ’32,’ accounts for the lowest 32 Hz, and the last one, 16 k, refers to the highest 16 kHz. 

If you wish to increase the bass, deal with the first three frequencies represented by 32, 64, and 125.

6. Try Premium Portable Music Player If Possible

portable music for better audio

This trick will be more suitable for all those who listen to music from mobile phones. Smartphones have a lot of limitations, and believe me; they are not a good option to enjoy music.

Basically, they are not designed to reproduce high-quality audio. So we highly recommend portable music players over smartphones to listen to music. Even base-level, less expensive portable music players can offer far better audio output than a premium smartphone.

7. Change Headphone Cups

change headphone pads

This hack is exclusively for headphone users. If you own a cheap headphone, the chances are high that earcup materials are also cheap. These kinds of materials not only affect your conveniences but also suppress the sound, especially the lower frequencies.

Then the best option is to replace them with premium quality earcups. We recommend genuine leather or velour ear cups; they are best for comfort and sound quality.

8. Tips for Smartphone users

In the previous step, we told smartphones are not a good choice to enjoy music. But a majority of music lovers’ first option as the music source is smartphones.

Here we have some tips to boost the bass of music and thus improve the overall efficiency of your headphones.

First, we will look at how it works on iPhones,

Step-1: First open music from the settings tab. 

Step-2: Scrolling down, you can find the equalizer option represented as “EQ.” click on it.

Step-3: There, you can find the “Bass Booster” option and click on it. DONE! Now you can exit.

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9. Portable Headphone Amplifier

portable headphone amplifier

This is the advanced technique to amplify and improve the sound quality of your headphone. Here you all need is an external headphone amplifier.

Headphones can offer a convenient and affordable way to enjoy music. However, they are not perfect. The sound quality of headphones is often limited by the power that headphone amplifiers provide. If you want better sound, then it may be time to invest in an external portable amplifier for your headphones. 

Even though both smartphones and external amplifiers have an EQ adjusting option, the latter delivers a tremendous output.

10.Use Genuine Audio Boosting Apps

If you feel that the headphone audio quality is not up to the mark, we have some app suggestions to improve the sound quality. Some of them are paid and others are free. On the better side, even free apps can deliver good sound enhancement.

We introduce you to some apps that are compatible with both iPhones and Android phones.

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There are many apps in the market that can be used to improve the quality of sound. However, not all of them are effective. So you must use genuine apps which have been developed by professionals with a piece of sound knowledge. A few of the best apps are:

Volume Boosting Apps for Apple Users,

Volume Booster-Equalizer FX: It is a professional app that can be used for iPhones. The most attractive feature of this app is that it allows you to view the pre-defined presets to make sure your device delivers high-quality sound. You can also create new presets.

Bass& Volume Booster: This is another app for iPhone users. This app not only boosts the audio, but you can also reduce the background noise.

KaiserTone Audio Player +HiRes: This is a paid app with advanced features to take your music experience to the next level. It has a wide variety of features such as virtual surround, Fine volume control, HiRes, DAC, and other flexible operations.

You can also try some other Apps like Bass Booster, Volume Booster, etc.

Volume Boost Apps for Android users,

Volume Booster Pro: it is a powerful android app that can be downloaded from the Play Store for free of cost. This app delivers high sound quality with the help of an advanced digital amplifier.

Viper4Android: This app is used to edit the audio settings in a smart way. It offers many different customization options and gives you the capability to choose different options for various music genres.

Note: Exclusively for rooted devices

Beats Music Player: It is a sound enhancer cum music player which you can get from the Google play store and install on your phone. It delivers high-quality sound output to the headphones.

MX Player/ VLC Media Player: We all are familiar with these apps, and we use them generally to watch movies and videos. But do you know it is also a sound enhancement app that can be used to create an immersive surround effect? It improves the bass and boosts the volume level.

One thing you have to keep in mind is that don’t turn volume to the maximum and immediately put on your headphones. It may damage your ears. First, start from the base and adjust the settings until you receive the desired experience.

11.Clean Headphone Pads Regularly

clean ear tips regularly

I don’t know how many of you consider this as a relevant item, but it is relevant. One method you can try to improve headphone sound quality is by cleaning earbuds or earcups regularly.

If they are not kept clean, it can lead to decreased sound quality. Additionally, if wax or other debris accumulates in the earbuds or earcups, it can also affect sound quality.

To clean your earbuds or earcups, you can use a cotton swab and some rubbing alcohol. This helps to remove dirt, earwax, and other debris that might be affecting the sound quality.

The process of cleaning earbuds is not messy. We have a couple of tips to clean earbuds quickly and effectively.

12.Try Some Premium Apps

Even though every smartphone has an inbuilt audio player, some additional apps can tremendously improve headphone outputs. You can easily download them from the play store. Such apps deliver you high-quality audio.

Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, etc., are some of our suggestions. There you can enjoy music without downloading, and that saves a lot of storage space too. Depending on your requirement, you can select music of various qualities.

13. Clean your Ears

Sometimes, you may find this point weird. Normally the human body has its own mechanism to expel ear wax. But if you are a regular user of earphones, especially the in-ear type, ear wax production will be higher.

Then cleaning ears regularly will improve the hearing capacity of ears, and this helps you enjoy music more clearly.

I have also seen many people clean ear canals using cotton earbuds; as per doctors, this is not a good practice. This can damage your eardrum.

Quick Wind Up

The observations to improve headphone audio are,

tips to enhance headphone sound quality:

  • use a good music player app
  • avoid using headphones when they are hot
  • use a headphone amplifier for better sound quality
  • find the right ear tips for your headphones
  • use a noise-canceling headset for better sound quality

We hope now you know how to improve headphone sound quality. Here we have provided 10 useful tips for all headphone users.

Most of the tips you can try at home without any external instrument. We have included all most all the working tips. If our technical side finds anything new, we will update the list.

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