How to Connect Headphones to Laptop? Quick Guide

Suppose you bought your latest Bluetooth wireless headphone and, with a lot of expectations, you tried to pair them with your laptop. Ooops . . . but it is not pairing. What should you do?

how to connect headphones to laptop

Here we brought you the best working tips on how to connect headphones to laptop. This method is useful in connecting any Bluetooth devices like wireless headphones, True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Earbuds, and neckband (wireless earphone). 

How to Connect Headphones to Laptop?

The steps include,

Step-1: Turn On Headphone

Step-2: Enable Laptop Bluetooth Mode

Step-3: Add your headphone

Step-4: Pair

Now let’s see everything in detail

1.Turn On Headphone

Before going to start the wireless Bluetooth earphone, make sure that it has enough charge.

They are two ways—the first one for headphones with a power button and the second for smart touch technology.

If you have a power button, press it for 2-3 seconds, depending on the model. You may find a “beep” sound and/ or blinking light when it got started. 

Sometimes, the power button may be the MFB (Multi-Function Button), if you are not certain, you’ll get it from the user guide.

You simply have to touch on the power button for 2-3 seconds for touch-enabled Bluetooth earbuds or headphones.

Once you power on the wireless headset, Bluetooth mode also activates simultaneously. You need not have to do anything separately for that.

2.Enable Laptop Bluetooth Mode

Now keep your headphone aside and proceed with the laptop. Here we have two options

  • Through Bluetooth Menu
  • Through Settings Menu

Through Bluetooth Menu

connect headphones to laptops

Firstly tap on the Bluetooth symbol marked as “1. Click Here” on the image. Once Bluetooth is activated, you can find the symbol on the bottom of the screen (find “2. Check Here”).

You can find the Bluetooth symbol on the bottom right corner of the laptop and click on it. If it is not there, click on the “up” arrow, and you can find it.

Then it shows a pop-up menu. You have to click on “Add a Bluetooth Device” or “Show Bluetooth Devices”. It opens a “Bluetooth &Other Devices” window. 

If the Bluetooth mode is not activated, click on the slider bar just below the heading “Bluetooth”. Then it turns Blue.

Through Settings Menu

connect earbuds to laptops

If you could not find the Bluetooth symbol on the corner, don’t worry; we have another option.

Here you have to click on the start icon on the laptop’s bottom left corner, which is usually represented by the “gear” symbol.

It will open a new window, and there you can find “devices” and click on it. It directs you to the “Bluetooth & other Devices” window.

If the Bluetooth mode is not activated, click on the slider bar just below the heading “Bluetooth”. Then it turns Blue.

3.Add Your Headphone

connect wireless earphones to laptops

Then you can click on the “+ (Add Bluetooth or Other Device)” symbol at the top center of the laptop. 

It opens another pop-up menu called “Add a Device” and then click the “Bluetooth” option because your wireless headphone or earphones works on Bluetooth technology.

Now you can see the new menu searching for Bluetooth devices. Since we have already turned on the headphone, within a few seconds, you can see your headphone’s name in that menu.

Note: If you haven’t turned on your Bluetooth headset, do it now.


pair earphones to laptops

If more than one Bluetooth device is activated within the range, all those devices will be shown in the menu. You can select your specific headphone or earbuds name and click on it.

Done, your laptop is now paired with headphones, and you can enjoy the audio through it. In the picture, you can see the Bluetooth device “MountReviews” is paired to the laptop.

Note: If your Bluetooth is protected with a password, you have to type it 

Once your wireless earphone got connected, the rectangular bar to the headphone name’s right shows “disconnect”. If you want to unpair it after use, just click on that.

How to Connect wired Headphones to Laptop?

Most of the wired headphones, headsets, and earphones come with a 3.5 mm jack. There is also a 3.5 mm port on any one side of your laptop.

You just need to locate that port and insert the jack into the port. 

Now your headphone is ready to go.

If the headset has a Dual 3.5 mm jack, you need a 3.5 mm 2 to 1 adapter to connect it to the laptop.

You need 1 to 2 adapters (3.5 mm) if your laptop has a separate port for mic or microphone and speaker.


We have discussed everything about connecting your Bluetooth headphone to any other laptop such as HP, Dell, Asus, etc. 

Now we believe you know how to connect Headphones to laptop. Sometimes options may vary slightly from laptop brands and Windows versions.

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