How to Charge Earbuds? Must Read!

True Wireless Stereo or TWS Earbuds are the most recent trend in the earphone industry. Immediately after its introduction and success in the market, a vast number of earphone users replaced their conventional earphones with advanced True Wireless Earbuds.

But how many of you know how to charge Earbuds effectively?

how to charge earbuds

By following proper procedures for charging true wireless earbuds with a wireless charging case, you can increase wireless earbuds’ battery life and performance. Even though you have the best wireless earbuds, a wrong charging practice can ruin the device.

How to Charge Earbuds Safely?

Before stepping into how to charge earbuds, let us see what TWS earbuds are and their difference from conventional earbuds. As the name indicates, TWS earbuds are entirely free from any cables, and it uses Bluetooth or wifi to connect to your mobile phone.

It also comes with a casing that can be used for charging and serve as a protective pouch. Now let us see how to charge earbuds with a case. 

The earbud box consists of a charger case, earbuds, and Type-C or USB cable for charging the case. Also, you should read and understand true wireless earbuds instructions from the guide.

The entire setup has three batteries, one each in both earbuds and another in the casing. The capacity of the battery in the case will be higher than in the earbuds. 

Charging for the First Time

The first charging is the most crucial stage. We all have a tendency to power on the earbuds and check the audio quality and other features immediately after receiving the product.

But most of the premium brands like Philips, Sony, etc., suggest charging their device before using it for the first time. It ensures maximum battery life and more charging cycles.

Even though your wireless earbud has some charge, we strongly recommend you to charge your case and earbuds for at least 2-3 hours, depending on the model. When it gets fully charged, power off, and you can pair earbuds with mobile and enjoy your music or movies.

The digital display or indicator bulbs tell you the status of charging. You can use the first charge table to understand the charging duration, and it can also apply to Bluetooth earbuds and earphones with similar specifications.

Normal Charging

From the second recharge itself, you can charge your case with or without earbuds in it. While placing the earbuds wireless in the pouch, make sure that left earbuds are kept in the slot marked as “L” and right earbuds in the “R” slot.

Also, confirm that proper contact has been made between the metallic pins in the case and the metallic portion in the earbud wireless. But the latest magnetic technology appropriately adjusts the wireless earbuds in the slot by itself. 

Most of the earbuds also have an inbuilt bulb in the earbuds to indicate whether it is charging or fully charged. If the light is blinking-it is charging, if the light is solid-it is fully charged, and no light indicates a completely exhausted battery.

Once the battery got fully charged, remove the charger firmly and straight; otherwise, it may damage the charging port and USB.

What is meant by true wireless earbuds?

True Wireless Stereo or TWS earbuds are earphones free from cables. It does not use a cable to connect between earbuds as in neckbands and does not require a cable for connecting earbuds and mobile phones.

It works on Bluetooth technology. Since it does not use any cable for connection, it is called “True Wireless Earbuds.” 
But still, you have to use a USB or Type-C cable for charging your case. 

Let Us Sum Up

We hope this article clarified all your doubts on how to charge earbuds or how to power true wireless earbuds. Better charging practice improves battery life and the overall performance of your earphone.

You can follow this method for earbuds of almost all brands and types.

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