Tips to Connect Headphones to MacBook Easily Know

MacBooks are the prestigious laptop series from the Apple brand. Irrespective of gender and age disparity, people prefer Bluetooth headsets like neckbands and True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Earbuds over conventional wired headphones

connect headphones to macbook

One of the main reasons for this trend is that they are convenient and can travel freely (within the range) and enjoy your songs or podcasts.

This is the same in the case of MacBook users also.

Do you know how to connect headphones to MacBook? It is slightly different from pairing wireless Bluetooth headphones to other laptops. Here we will share in detail about connecting headphones to any Apple Mac laptop.

In addition to the wireless headset, you can follow the same steps we mentioned below to pair any Bluetooth devices such as keyboards, mice, Bluetooth speakers, etc.

How to Connect Headphones to MacBook in 5 Simple Steps?

Now let’s start pairing your wireless earphone with a Mac laptop,

Now let’s see everything in detail,

Step-1: Go to System preferences

On the top left corner of your laptop, you can find the “Apple” symbol and click on that. It’ll bring a small menu and there you can see the “System Preferences” option.

Click on it, and you will be directed to the new system preferences menu.

Step-2: Go to Bluetooth Tab

On the new page, you can see the “Bluetooth” option near the centre. You can also search for Bluetooth in the search bar on the same page to find it more quickly.

Then click on it, and it’ll take you to the new Bluetooth page.

Step-3: Turn On Bluetooth

In the new tab, you can see the list of all the Bluetooth devices we have paired in the past. In order to connect a new device, you have to turn the Bluetooth ON.

You can see a bar named “Turn Bluetooth On” below the Bluetooth symbol” and click on it. Now, you’ve turned on Bluetooth mode.

Note-1: You can see that the status has now changed to “Turn Bluetooth Off.” If you want to turn off Bluetooth, click on it.

Note-2: At the bottom middle of the tab, you can see a check box, “Show Bluetooth in Menu Bar,” and tick on it. 

It’ll add the Bluetooth option in the menu bar on the Home screen.

Quick Tip to Turn on Bluetooth

This is applicable for only those who did “Note-2”. Near the top right of the menu bar, you can see the Bluetooth symbol. 

If the symbol is light in colour, it means that the Bluetooth mode is turned off. If it is darker, it means turned on.

If you want to turn it on, click on the symbol and click on “Turn Bluetooth On.”

In order to open the Bluetooth Tab, click on the Bluetooth icon and then tap on “Open Bluetooth Preferences.” It will take you directly to the menu.

You can see the name of your Bluetooth earphone when you tap on the Bluetooth icon and click on it. 

Then tap on the “Connect” option from the following pop-up menu to connect it to your Mac. 

It’ll be a great advantage when you try to connect your Bluetooth headphones or any other devices for the next time.

Step-4: Turn On Bluetooth Headphone

Now you have to proceed with your earphone. To turn it on, press and hold the power button for 2-3 seconds. Suppose your device has a smart-touch feature; touch and hold the power button for 2-3 seconds.

If you are not sure, go through the headphone manual. Most of the headsets have an LED indicator that blinks when the Bluetooth mode is activated. 

Once the earphone is turned on, the Bluetooth will also be activated simultaneously. In some models, you have to tap on the Bluetooth button to start the pairing mode. 

Anyway, it varies slightly from model to model and brand to brand.

Exclusively For AirPod Users

connect AirPods to MacBook

You have to open the lid of the Airpods, and you can see a solid light in the case. On the rear side of the case, you can find a button and tap on it to make it discoverable by your MacBook. The light starts flashing when it is ready to pair. Now you can keep your headphone aside.

Step-5: Pairing

Again back to your laptop. Now you can see the name of your Bluetooth headset and a “Connect” button to its right on the Bluetooth menu. 

Now you can tap on it and DONE! You are connected.

You can listen to what is playing on your MacBook through the earphone.

Note: If your device is password-protected, you need to enter it before proceeding.

If your headphone is currently connected to another device, you’ve to disconnect them before connecting them to your MacBook.

How to Unpair/ Disconnect a Headphone from MacBook?

We have three methods to unpair a connected device from your Apple laptop.


The first and most simple method is to turn off your headphone directly by pressing and holding the power button.


This method applies to those who followed Note-2. 

  • Click on the Bluetooth icon on the home screen
  • Navigate to the name of the wireless device you want to unpair
  • Click on disconnect


This is the universal method and is applicable to any device at any time.

  • Step-1: Tap on the Apple emblem on the top left corner
  • Step-2: Click on system preferences
  • Step-3: Click on the Bluetooth option 

Now you can see the list of all paired Bluetooth devices and locate the one you want to remove. When you move the cursor to it, an “X” symbol will appear, and click on it. 

Now you’ve successfully removed a paired Bluetooth headset from your MacBook.

In order to connect back to that device, you have to follow the steps mentioned in the first part of this article.

How to connect wired Headphones to MacBook?

The majority of the wired headphones are universal/ 3.5 mm types but, Some MacBooks only have Type-C ports. So you cannot connect your headphones directly to them. 

You have to use a 3.5 mm port to Type-C adapter for that.

Wireless Headset is not working with Apple Laptop

Sometimes you may find difficulty in pairing your earphones with Macbook. The possible reasons include,

  • Make sure that the headphone is in discoverable mode
  • Confirm the headset is sufficiently charged
  • Both devices are within the pairing limit

A Quick Wrap-Up

We believe our technical team has described everything in detail about connecting and disconnecting any Bluetooth earphones (or devices) to any Apple MacBook laptop.

We hope now you know how to connect headphones to MacBook. All the steps we mentioned above are necessary when you pair for the first time. The next time itself, it pairs automatically when both devices’ Bluetooth mode is turned on.

If we miss anything, remind us in the comment section below.

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