Connect Headphones to iPhone: Steps for Quick Pairing

If we observe the current trends, iPhones and other Apple products are getting massive acceptance even among ordinary people like never before. 

Connect Headphones to iPhone

Apple has eliminated the 3.5 mm headphone jack to their models since the iPhone 7 series. If you fall into this category, it is really important to know how to connect headphones to iPhone.

The only options to use headphones among them are to use audio lightning jack headphones, Airpods, or other wireless headphones.

How to Connect Headphones to iPhone?

First things first,

How to Pair AirPods with iPhone?

AirPods are really easy to pair with an iPhone. In our experience, it takes only seconds.

It’ll pair automatically. You need not have to do anything particular for that.

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We will see everything step by step, Airpods are the first preference for iPhone users due to their audiophile sound quality and comfort.

Connect airpods to iPhone
  • Step-1: Unlock your iPhone and find the home screen
  • Step-2: Bring your AirPod close and open the lid or cap of the case
  • Step-3: An image showing Airpod pop on the iPhone screen immediately. Below that, you can see a “connect” button and click on it. 
  • Step-4: Now, it is connected!

It also shows the battery level of both case and earpiece on the screen.

  • Step-5: Now, you can take the earbuds out of the case and wear and hear your songs or podcasts.

How to Unpair/ Disconnect a Paired AirPods?

If you want to disconnect an already paired AirPod forever, please follow the following steps,

  • Step-1: Click on the settings icon, as we said earlier.
  • Step-2: Click on the “Bluetooth”.
  • Step-3: You can see your device’s name under “My Devices” and click on the “i” symbol to the right of that.
  • Step-4: Then click on “Forget the Device.”
  • Step-5: It’ll bring a new pop up, “Forget Device”, at the bottom and tap on it.
  • Step-6: It navigates you to another small window and clicks on the “Forget Device” again. Finished, you are now unpaired from the device.

Note: If you want to connect an unpaired device again, please follow the steps we mentioned on “How to Pair AirPods with iPhone” earlier.

How to pair Headphones/ Earphones with iPhones?

Here we will show you how to connect AirPods, wireless headphones, neckbands, and TWS Earbuds to your iPhones.

The procedures are almost similar to headphones connecting to smartphones.

  • Step-1: Turn on your Bluetooth wireless headset or earbuds

           Press and hold the power button or Multi-Function Button (MFB) for 2-3 seconds based on the design. 

Note: If you’re not sure, check on the user guide and find it.

Once it got started, the indicator LED will start blinking in blue or blue-red colour. It also varies based on the model. The Bluetooth mode will also be activated simultaneously. Now keep your headphone aside.

  • Step-2: Now proceed with your iPhone and unlock it. Then tap on the Settings icon on the home screen. It’ll open the settings menu.

Step-3: Then tap on the Bluetooth bar, usually on the third option from the top. It’ll direct you to the Bluetooth menu.

Connect Headphones to iPhone

Step-4: Turn on the Bluetooth if it is not. For that, you just slide the button to the right, and it shows a green colour.

Connect Headphones to iPhone

Now you can see the names of all the already connected devices under the “My Devices” title. You may find the name of the wireless Bluetooth device you have to pair at the bottom under the heading, “Other Devices.”

  • Step-5: Now click on the name and DONE! You are connected. 

Now you can find the device under “My Devices” with the status “Connected”.

All these steps we mentioned above are only for pairing for the first time. From the next time itself, it’ll pair as soon as you turn on the Bluetooth of both devices.

If it fails to connect automatically for the next time (the chances are rare), go to the Bluetooth menu through the settings. Then find the name of your Bluetooth device under “My Devices” and tap on it. That’s all.

How to Unpair/ Disconnect a Headphone Paired with iPhone?

In order to unpair regular Bluetooth headphones from an iPhone, you can follow the steps mentioned in “How to Unpair/ Disconnect a Paired AirPod?” above.

How to Connect Wired Headphones with iPhones?

The iPhones after 7series do not have a 3.5 mm jack and only have the Audio Lightning jack. In that case, how can you connect earphones to iPhones?

Connect Headphones to iPhone

Here you can use an Audio-Lightning jack to 3.5 mm jack adapter. And you can insert your headphone’s 3.5 mm jack into the adapter and can listen to the songs.

A Quick View

Here we have included every step in connecting and disconnecting your AirPods and Bluetooth earphones, such as wireless earbuds, to an iPhone. We mentioned even the minute details; that is why the post is a bit lengthy. 

But the steps are too easy to perform and not complicated. It can be applied to any kind of device. 

We hope now you know how to connect earphones to iPhones are now cleared.

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