Difference between Gaming Headphones and Normal Headphones

difference between gaming headphones and normal headphones

We are all familiar with different types of headphones such as earphones, headsets, and on-ear and over-ear headphones. Even though they have a wide variety of applications, predominantly, they are being used for listening to music, movies, podcasts, and playing games. What is the Difference between Gaming Headphones and Normal Headphones? At least some of … Read more

Headphone Safety Tips for Kids: Dos and Don’ts

headphone safety tips for kids

Headphones and earphones are common in our houses. From kids to grandfathers, a day without headphones is unimaginable.  But how many of you are aware of the effects and side effects headphones can make? We have already discussed how earphones affect hearing in adults. Here we will tell you in detail about some headphone safety tips … Read more

Open Back vs Closed Back Headphones: Which is the Best For You?

open back vs closed back headphones

Open-Back and Closed-Back are the two predominant types of over-ear headphones. We got a lot of requests from our friends to clarify their doubts about the difference between open-back and closed-back headphones. They are entirely different in design, performance, and the consumers they aim for. Here we have a unique comparison on open back vs closed … Read more

Are Headphones Waterproof? Tips to Purchase Water-Resistant Earphones

are headphones waterproof

Before looking into are headphones waterproof, let us see what the difference between waterproof and water-resistant headphones is? The main villain of any electronic equipment is moisture. This is the same in the case of earphones, headphones, or earbuds also. What is the importance of using waterproof earphones? Suppose you bought a normal earphone or … Read more

Best Over Ear Headphones under 2000 in India: Top Picks Only

over ear headphones under 2000

Everybody loves music. Our favourite song, through a fantastic headphone, is one of the best combinations ever. If you have 2000 bucks, we will help you to find the best headsets for you. Here we have the best headset below 2000 for budget music lovers.┬áThe selection process was really complicated because the premium sound is … Read more