Wireless vs Wired Charging: The Future of Charging

wireless vs wired charging

The journey of mobile phone chargers has been fascinating. It started from the bulky round-shaped charger and is now reached in the latest wireless (QI) charging mode.  Here we have wireless vs wired charging comparison and see which is better. Even though the wireless charging technology is a recent one, it is getting great reception … Read more

Difference between Gaming Headphones and Normal Headphones

difference between gaming headphones and normal headphones

We are all familiar with different types of headphones such as earphones, headsets, and on-ear and over-ear headphones. Even though they have a wide variety of applications, predominantly, they are being used for listening to music, movies, podcasts, and playing games. What is the Difference between Gaming Headphones and Normal Headphones? At least some of … Read more

Bose SoundLink Flex Bluetooth Speaker Review: Everything You Need to Know

Bose SoundLink Flex Bluetooth Speaker Review

Highlights Crystal clear audio Best for indoors and outdoors Waterproof and dustproof Easy to keep and carry USB-C charging Technical Specifications IP Rating IP67 Charging Time 4 hours Playback Time 12 hours Weight 1.75 pounds Detailed Bose SoundLink Flex Bluetooth Speaker Review Bose has been an undisputed name in the audio industry for more than … Read more

TOZO T6 True Wireless Earbuds Review- Best for Workouts?

tozo t6 true wireless earbuds review

Highlights One of the Highest Sold Earbuds Balanced Audio Touch Sensitivity Good for Bass Lovers Powerful Mic Supports QI Wireless Charging Supports Voice Assist Features Premium Noise Cancellation Technology You can find the detailed technical specifications at the bottom. You may not find the brand on the best headphone brands list, they have few nice … Read more

Difference between Headphones and Earphones: Which is Better?

difference between headphones and earphones

Headphones and Earphones have become an integral part of our life. Whether you are travelling, working, or jogging, it is an unavoidable one. Most audiophiles and professionals prefer headphones over earphones. Here we discuss why headphone is preferred on a comparison between earphone vs headphone. In the latter portion, we will also discuss the difference between … Read more