Best Earphones for Kids: Safest and Ergonomic

In the current generation, headphones are very common, even among kids. They need headphones to attend their online classes, watch movies, and also for listening to their favorite songs.

best earphones for kids

If you are planning to gift a headphone to your child, this article is for you. The majority of the earphones available for kids in the market are unworthy and can create many health problems for your junior.

The harmful effects of headphones include infection, itching, and even tinnitus, and hearing loss in some extreme cases.

Here we have a list of the 5 best earphones for kids, both girls, and boys that are extremely safe and convenient for their “feather ears.” We have neglected many models that produce excellent sound but are made with cheap materials.

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Safe and Best Earphones for Kids

Have a look at the best headphones for kids,

  1. iClever Kids Headphones with Microphone: Winner
  2. iClever Headphones for Kids: Biggest Driver
  3. iBall Kids Diva/ Star: Lightest Headphone
  4. ICCON Bazinga Headphones for kids: Advanced Control Features
  5. Philips Audios SHK2000BL Kids Headphone: Premium Brand

Now let’s see what make them best for your “prince/ Princess,”

1.iClever Kids Headphones with Mic: Winner

iclever kids headphone with mic


  • Funny Cat-Inspired design
  • Advanced volume limiting features
  • Premium earmuffs
  • Super-Flexible

Technical Specificatrions

Driver Size30mm Dynamic Drivers
Volume LimitYes, 85dB/ 94dB
Customer Rating4.0/5.0
Weight118 gms
WeightOne year

Special Features for Kids

iClever Kids Headphone with mic is the best headphone you can get for your kid, considering its safety features, sound quality, design, and material used. 

It has a unique 85/ 94dB adjustable volume limiter which protects their ears from sudden loud noise. You can use the inline button to select which volume limit you want.

In a normal-calm environment, 85 dB will be enough, but in a busy and noisy area, you may switch to 94 dB to get a better experience.

Whenever possible, stick to the 85dB volume level.

Note: According to the “National Institute of Health” (NIH), 85 dB is safe for prolonged use.

Sound Quality and Performance

It is built with 30 mm drivers, which delivers crystal clear audio with deep bass. Since they have a volume controller, even the highest volume doesn’t hurt kids’ ears.

It is suitable for attending online classes and enjoying music and movies.

Build Quality and Design

They are made with high-quality material. The over-ear design covers their ears entirely and avoids external noises. They are highly flexible, so the harsh handling won’t damage them.

Another interesting fact is the ear cushions are made with memory protein that is feather soft and suitable for extended use.

  • Special design for kids
  • Safety features
  • 85/ 94 dB volume limiter
  • Inline Control Buttons
  • Premium material and soft cushions
  • (Nothing in particular)

2.iClever Headphones for Kids: Biggest Driver

iclever headphones for kids


  • Volume Limiting Feature
  • Premium Material
  • Adjustable Headband
  • Foldable Design 
  • Braided Cable

Technical Specifications

Driver Size40 mm Dynamic Drivers
Volume LimitYes, 94dB
Customer Rating4.5/5.0
Weight210 gms

Special Feature for Kids

For iClever Headphones for Kids, the volume limiter is provided at 94 dB, which is slightly above the WHO’s standards (85dB).

So we highly recommend you to take mandatory breaks after every 90 minutes. Even though they crank up the volume to maximum, the sound level will be within safe limits.

It is compatible with all devices with a 3.5 mm jack such as laptops, tabs, smartphones, kindle fire, etc.

Sound Quality and Performance

iClever Kids headphones are powered by huge 40 mm drivers that deliver clear, smooth, and more open sound. 

It is exciting to see such a perfect sound output from the kid’s segment. It is not loud but immersive and deep.

Unfortunately, it does not have a mic, and that is the main and only disappointing part.

Build Quality and Design

In our view, kids’ headsets should be scratch-resistant and flexible. Even though they are made with plastic, they don’t get scratched easily and are highly flexible. The manufacturer managed to deliver it.

About the cushion, they are ultra-soft and made with high-quality material that is absolutely free from allergies. They come with an adjustable headband and foldable design.

The 1.4m cable is braided and super strong. It won’t tangle too. It doesn’t have MFB ( Multi-Function Button); you have to use your smartphone for controlling.

  • Volume limiter at 94dB
  • Kids loving design
  • Suitable for girls and boys
  • Premium material
  • No microphone
  • No inline control button
  • The cushion on the headband could have better

3.iBall Kids Star/ Diva: Lightest Headphone

iball kids star


  • Volume limiter
  • Soft and Lightweight
  • Certified Kids-Safe
  • Kids Friendly Sound Controller

Technical Specifications

Volume LimitYes, 85dB
Customer Rating3.7/ 5.0
Weight77 gm
WarrantyOne year

Special Features for Kids

iBall is a premium headphone manufacturing brand. The iBall Star/ Diva is their best invention in the kid’s segment.

They mainly aimed at the safety of children. That is why provide an 85dB volume controller to ensure that the sound is always within the safety limits recommended by “NIH” norms for kids’ earphones.

The roller-type inline volume controller is kids-friendly but prone to damage.

Sound Quality and Performance

The sound from them is balanced, clear, and not loud. Within the 85 dB limiter, it delivers decent bass and treble.

The ear cushions are not leather padded and do not quickly get sweat. 

Build Quality and Design

They are built with an inline volume controller, so your kids need not have to reach out to the smartphone for that. The earcups are more puffy and soft, so they won’t pain ears and are suitable for prolonged usage.

The angle-shaped jack ensures additional protection to the jack-cable part.

  • Sound limiter at 85 dB
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Inline controls
  • “L” shaped jack
  • No microphone
  • No play/ pause button

4. ICCON BAZINGA Kids Headphones: Advanced Control Features

iccon bazinga kids headphone


  • Volume Limiting Features
  • Inline mic and Control Features
  • Sturdy and Durable
  • Suitable for kids of 5-15 years

Technical Specifications

Volume LimitYes, 85 dB
Customer Rating3.7/5.0
Weight120 gms
Warranty06 months

Special Features for Kids

ICCON BAZINGA is also built with volume limiting features at 85 dB. It is what recommended by World Health Organisation as a safe volume for kids for 8 hours.

So you need not have to check frequently whether the volume is within the permitted limits. Even at the maximum level, the sound will be below 85 dB, which means kids are safe.

Sound Quality and Performance

The sound quality is good, and they don’t get irritated even after using it for hours. But we recommend you to take breaks after one hour. 

The sound is well distributed and deep. But they missed a soft cushion at the headband.

Build Quality and Design

The company followed a simple design. The material of construction, especially the earcups area, is built with premium material. So your kids will be free from allergies and other health problems.

They have an inline mic and buttons for play, pause, and select tracks. The cable is tangle-free.

  • Followed the standards set up by WHO
  • Volume limiting technology
  • Flexible design
  • Premium material
  • The headband cushion is not up to the mark
  • Normal cable

5. Philips Audios SHK2000BL Kids Headphone: Premium Brand

philips audios kids headphone


  • Premium Brand
  • Advanced Design
  • Maximum Volume Controller
  • Big and noise isolating earcups

Technical Specifications

Driver Size32mm Neodymium Drivers
Volume LimitYes, 85dB
Customer Rating4.4/5.0
Weight100 gms

Special Features for Kids

First of all, it has a volume limiter at 94 dB, which protects your kid’s ears from high noise. The passive noise cancellation feature is also excellent.

It helps your kids listen to classes clearly, even in a noisy environment. The premium quality material is completely allergic-free and suitable for small kids of even 5 years old.

Sound Quality and Performance

The big 32 mm drivers deliver crystal clear audio with deep bass without loudness. The earcups and headband are designed with ergonomic design and best fit. 

The “L” shaped connector protects the 3.5 mm AUX jacks from bending and ensures better durability.

Build Quality and Design

From the design point of view, Philips Audios SHK2000BL has got the biggest earcups. The entire design is completely free from bolts and screws.

It has movable earcups with an easily slidable headband. They are feather light weighing just 100 gms. So kids don’t get tired of wearing them.

  • Volume limiter at 85 dB
  • Ergonomic design and comfortable fit
  • More balanced audio
  • Big drivers
  • No headband cushion
  • No mic

Quick Look

Here we have listed the top 5 best earphones for kids. Since it is for kids, we emphasized safety aspects than sound quality and additional features. 

We included only headphones with a volume limiter because that is the safest for kids. To ensure safety also recommend you to measure sound from headphone periodically.

A few more models are under our testing. We will update the list soon.

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