About MounTReviews

First of all, we appreciate your intention to know more about MountReviews.com. Basically, it is a technology blog established a few years back as watchitTech.com. Here we concentrate on the very basic type of gadgets that become an integral part of everyone’s life irrespective of gender and age. Yes, we mean earphones and headphones.

In addition to them, you can also find unbiased reviews and buying guides for the best Bluetooth speakers, speakers, etc.

Our strength is the vast experience earned from gadgets service centers and authorized dealers. Our experience as authorized dealers and in service centers is the strength and investment in our blog.
More than 90% of our reviews are after thorough checking and analysis. We have also conducted field surveys and discussions with professionals before writing about the health effects of earphones.

Our Theme

MountReviews is obliged to deliver the apex of reviews and comparisons with authenticity, genuineness, and finally commitment only to our customers.

Sanil V Soman, Founder MountReviews.com

My name is Sanil, and I am more of a tech blogger than an engineer by profession. I used to give my friends and colleagues tips to purchase the most suitable earphones and headphones for them. Once, a friend suggested me to start a blog and encouraged me to deliver my knowledge to help others to get the best one. And now it is MountReviews.com.

Our Aim

“Ensure our customer’s every penny on earphones is worthy.”

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